Spring Fashion 2013

Spring Fashion: Getting the Look at the Right Price

Much more than just a pretty price point: Millennials are embracing budget brands for their springtime adventures.

As spring makes its fast approach, young people across America are beginning their annual layer shed, eagerly exchanging their fleece-lined gear for their much-loved shorts, shades and flip-flops. Spring fever fuels an ever-eternal shift in young people’s minds as they seek out outdoor adventures, a little romance and perhaps new approach to their personal style.

Spring is the time to start anew
Unlike winter clothing that tends to be re-used for multiple years, shopping for spring and summer fashions has traditionally been embraced by youth as an opportunity to reinvent themselves.  Wanting a look that compliments their renewed vigor and lust for life; young consumers are more than willing to completely refresh their wardrobe. However with many Millennials on restricted budgets, young shoppers continue to be creative and price-conscious in their shopping.

The appeal of budget brands
More so now than ever, young people are willing to look at low-cost brand alternatives that capture the look they want without the hefty price tag.  Millennials still value their luxury brand favorites, but are discovering that there are significant benefits to be found in mixing in lower-priced purchases into their personal style. 

One of the more interesting trends emerging from this consumer shift is the rise of kick around gear, cheap non-fussy fashion that is both trendy and ready for up for anything fun.  Unlike expensive designer goods, these adult equivalents of play clothes can be brought along on all your gnarly adventures without the fear of losing something pricey and precious.  With less sentiment and worry attached to cheaper-priced goods, it’s no big deal if they get knocked around or left behind at the beach, a summer music festival or at a campus party. They can always buy more.

Trying a new style, without the investment
Another benefit of purchasing trendy yet affordable brand alternatives is that it allows young shoppers to experiment with new fashions before investing into pricier branded goods.  For example before deciding to take on a more preppy look or new-rave style, young shoppers may buy a cheap pair of aviators or Frogskin look-a-likes, as they adjust to their new style.  If their choice sticks, young shoppers are much more likely to invest in pricier authentic brands.

Mix, match and complete the look
Affordable brand alternatives are also extremely popular among young people into color matching their outfits. The low price point of on-trend budget accessories means that shoppers can buy the same item in multiple colorways to match their mood or new attire.  By mixing in cheap sunglasses with their new sneaks and basic big-box store tees with their choice of branded ball caps, young people can achieve an cohesive and authentic look without decimating their wallet.

As young shoppers hit the mall this spring, they will certainly be on the look-out for their brand favorites. However, when it comes to taking chances and gearing up for their wild summer adventures, they will definitely be open to exploring all their affordable options.

<photo via Alex E. Proimos>