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Mash Up Tees

TeeFury: bringing fan art mashup tees to the geeky masses


In 2013, sales of licensed character-related products rose for a third consecutive year, and accounted for $2.66 billion in royalty revenues and an estimated $51.44 billion in retail sales in both the US and Canada. [1] Although young consumers have a healthy appetite for officially licensed products, hardcore fans are increasingly looking to fan artists for their merchandise needs. Despite the questionable legality of selling fan art for profit, it’s still an integral and powerful part of the fandom community experience. The genuine and impassioned nature of these products holds a considerable allure for fans and fan art creators alike – and it’s challenging the traditional retail models of the licensed merchandise market.

TeeFury, a 24-hour ‘daily t-shirt’ marketplace and fan community, is tapping into the Tumblr generation’s demand for authentic geeky goods by collaborating with popular freelance fan artists to sell limited edition mashup tees. The newest iteration of the statement t-shirt, TeeFury’s products integrate multiple references from fictional works to create parodies of popular fandoms like Legend of Zelda, My Little Pony, and Harry Potter. With a growing community of vocal and invested fans, can TeeFury’s success in marketing to young consumers translate into future business opportunities that benefit both fan artists and copyright holders?

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