Gen Z and Media

27-02-15-gen-z-media-title-stHow will Gen Z change the future of media?

If you want to peek into the future of media, take a look a twelve-year-old’s iPad. Gen Z – those born in 1995 or later – spend an average of 35 hours a week consuming media, an increasing amount of time of which is spent in front of a tablet computer.  From watching videos and gaming with friends to listening to music and socializing online, the media consumption of today’s youth is centered around personal devices that tie together their social, recreational and information needs.

Despite the widespread availability of HD TVs, next-Gen gaming consoles and PCs in homes today, Gen Z still prefer their personal mobile devices over anything else. Their lives are so inextricably linked to their smartphones and tablet computers that 79% of young people display symptoms of heightened emotional distress when kept away from their personal electronic devices.  With the majority of the their media channeled through mobile platforms, today’s youth expect a highly personalized, interconnected, and collaborative experience from their media.

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