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About Andrea Graham Richeson

7AkNwg_sAndrea Graham Richeson is a New York-based consumer anthropologist, consultant, ethnographer and information professional specializing in youth culture, consumer trend research, fandoms, gaming and social media. She is the founder and head researcher at Youth Tribes. She has written for numerous publications including the trend research agency Canvas8, Common Sense Media, VOYA and YALSA. She has also been invited to speak at numerous conferences including Share Like Buy, PepsiCo: Tuning Into Teens, and LI Pop Con.

Andrea consults and conducts ethnographic field research with youth organizations and companies looking for insights into emerging cultural trends, social media and technology. Her consulting, content creation and research work has seen her collaborate with top youth brands such as Pepsi, Ericsson, Viacom, Sony, Barclays, the New Zealand Board of Tourism and youth organizations in the non-profit sector.

Andrea received her M.Sc. in the Anthropology of Childhood, Youth and Education from Brunel University London, a M.A. in Information Science from Queens College and B.A in Anthropology and Sociology from Lake Forest College.


About Youth Tribes

Youth Tribes seeks to understand the ever-changing lives of young people; how trends form, tribes are born and how society ultimately transforms. We work with companies, agencies and non-profit organizations to help them develop a deeper understanding of young consumers and how to build valuable connections with the youth market.

As trained anthropologists, we at Youth Tribes utilize ethnographic research methods to conduct our studies. This participatory approach allows for a more immersive and insightful experience, guaranteeing authentic interactions and a deeper more holistic understanding into consumer behavior. In addition, we maintain a network of young trend experts, academics and analysts across the globe to help us keep track of real time developments in youth culture. is a showcase of our  research projects on youth and families. Ever curious about developments in youth culture, our focus is on four core areas of the youth experience. This includes:

Youth Tribes– Defining sub-cultures, and their effects on youth-identity.
Youth Trends– Exploring consumer behavior and preferences
Youth Icons– Identifying influencers and active participants within each group
Youth Media and Brands–  Examining the cultural influences of media and of consumer products


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